Ten Rules To Remember When Networking on the Golf Course

Ten Rules To Remember When Networking on the Golf Course

If you network on the golf course then you need to remember these ten rules!

It’s almost that time of year again, the grass is greening, the temperature is climbing and my golf clubs are calling. I have cleaned up my clubs, got all the new golf balls that I will need for the first game, and bought my new golf shoes. I am ready to go.


Every year thousands of people hit the golf courses for fun and business. There is more networking done on the golf course as there is during chamber meetings.. When done right it is a great place to build strong referral relationships with your networking friends. After all, you have an extended amount of time with one to four people.

There are a few rules that you might want to be aware of when you hit the course with your referral sources:

1. Leave your cell phone in the car.

2. Use your time building relationships; don’t try to strong arm a deal.

3. Know the rules and etiquette of the game.

4. Don’t over indulge in the booze, this will not build credibility with your referral sources.

5. Don’t lose your temper on the course.

6. No cheating on the scorecard, remember you are trying to build trust.

7. Off colored language, whining, or making excuses on the golf course are not in your best interest.

8. Avoid religious or political conversations.

9. Arrive early to get organized and practice.

10. Dress appropriately in attire that will take you from the links to the clubhouse. Denim, sleeveless shirts and short shorts are not acceptable

Plan strategically who you are playing with; have your best referral source bring someone you really want to meet, and you bring that person your referral source really wants to build a strong relationship

Most of all, enjoy the day.


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