Who Have You Helped this Week

Who Have You Helped this Week

Here is why it is important to reflect on who you may of helped this week!

Networking done well is about helping others. Giving, sharing, and connecting. Zig Zigler says that you can have anything in the world that you want when you help someone else get what they want.

At the end of each day I spend time reflecting, wondering who I helped today. Was I able to have a positive impact on their life, their business, their success? Helping others is the essences of great networking. When you put others first, you are practicing the highest form of business networking and using Givers Gain.

Here are five ways that you can reach out and help a fellow network member.

1. Invite someone the next time that you are invited to an event, and ask if you can invite a guest. Each of us know 250 people that others do not, we are invited to events that others may not be. When you invite a person to go with you to the event they will have the opportunity to meet new people too. Networking is more fun in pairs.

2. Forward an article or information that might help them solve a problem or give them an idea for their business.

3. Introduce someone to your network. Have a catalyst event that will allow you to introduce a new person to your business network.

4. Offer to distribute information for them. Let a network member know that you are more than willing to hand out their information to your friends, family, clients or network. It’s a little thing, but can go a long way and be a big help.

5. Be a sponsor of an event. Many people serve on boards, volunteer, or host events. Most are looking for sponsors to help them with the event. Not only will this help the network member but could be helping a charity at the same time.

Sometimes help is as simple as a smile, a connection, a good word or some advice. At the end of the day, ask yourself, who have I helped today?!


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