The Fifth Step in the Referral Process

Here is the one you have been looking for. The last step in the referral process is a relatively easy step for your referral source, assuming they have been trained properly. This is the step where the work you have done thus far turns into the possibility of business. It is the appointment. When trained correctly your referral source can now set up an appointment for you and the prospect to meet. They have done a good job identifying need and building your credibility when they offer your company as the solution, now they set the appointment.

This is your opportunity to meet the referred prospect, build some rapport with them and possibly close a deal. If your referral source has done a good job they have passed you a level 10 referral, which means the deal is done, all that is left is the paper work! The higher the level of the referral, the less work in the sales process you will have to do to close the deal. With proper training and preparation your referral source should be able to pass you high level referrals consistently.

Note: Anything your referral sources are doing for you, you should be doing the same for them.

It is important to remember in this step you have one key commitment to your referrals source, you must leave them looking good to the prospect, no matter what. That is what they trust you to do, if that means, walking away from the deal because it is not a good fit, that is your obligation to the referral source.

Remember: A referral is an opportunity to do business, it is not a guaranteed sale.

Once you have had the appointment with the prospect, don’t forget to call your referral source and let them know how the meeting went. Review your referral process and discuss what went well and what might have been done differently in the process.

Passing referrals is a business process and you should have a carefully constructed strategy around the getting and giving or referral. The process is much like dancing, you both must learn all the steps and practice them often. Both the referral source and you must be in sync with one another, constantly going over the steps and making sure the process is working for both of you otherwise, you may be stepping on someones toes.

If you would like to learn more about the five step process, check out your local Referral Institute Programs.

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