You Took a Class, So What?

How many times have you taken a class, you leave with every good intention to implement what you have learned. But you complete the class, go back to work, start doing the day to day activities and soon that class is long gone. You forget 80% of everything you learned and have little time to implement the 20% you do remember.

Signing up to take a class is pretty much a waste of time if you do not stay involved in the conversation with others who are on the same path. We learn by first getting the information and sometimes you may need to get the information several times before it clicks, then it is the consistent practice of that information that gets you to the Mastery level, that time when you can do it automatically.

If you want to really learn something new it is important that you immerse yourself in a program, that you practice with others who want to achieve what you do. The Referral Institute created a program called “Referrals for Life”. They understand that it takes time and practice to learn the skills needed to develop referral partnerships, it is not something that you are going to learn in a one time class. But something that you are going to have to practice with your peers over and over to be good at it.

I have been taking the Sandler Sales Program at Lushin and Associates. I take the classes and I have the opportunity to learn constantly with my peers. I get to practice with them and with the coaches so that I do not have to practice with my prospects. I will continue to be in the program because I understand that even after I Master the sales skills, I will still need to practice to keep my skills sharp.

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