Reach Back and Help Someone

Reach Back and Help Someone

My philosophy in life is to give back which is why I reach back and help someone who needs it.

I am in a stage of my life and business were I get to enjoy the fruits of my hard work. Business is good and I am enjoying my life. As I have grown professionally, personally and spiritually I have learned that my life is about the relationships I build and the contribution that I make in others lives. I am often asked what my secret is and I say over and over again, it is the way that I have designed my life

Because I believe that it is important for each of us to stop, look behind us , put out our hand and help someone else. To mentor another is one of the highest forms of Givers Gain. We give of our time, our knowledge and our support to someone else for the sheer purpose of giving back to another. Currently, I mentor 3 young people, Ryan, Tiffany and Brandon. Each are young entrepreneurs, looking for guidance, help in living their lives and growing their businesses.

Ryan is a young man who is very giving and bright. He has developed software and is working on finding investors. He is the guardian for his nephews, has overcome a major health issue caused by an accident and has a positive and supportive attitude.

Tiffany is a young woman who has a passion for history, for life and for giving and helping others. Her energy is contagious and willingness to learn is inspiring.

Brandon is a bright young man who exudes talent and energy.  He just needs direction and focus. His willingness to learn and a desire to improve both himself and his life makes Brandon is a joy to mentor.

Why To Mentor

It was never my intention to be a mentor but I find that people show up whom I am called to help. In my life there have been people who have helped me create success in my life and business. They were willing to reach back, put out a hand and help me as I was coming up the path. People who helped me professionally in my business, people who helped spiritually, and those who gave me help in my day to day life. I believe that as business professionals and human beings we are called to help others who are trying to achieve in life what we have achieved.

How do you find someone to mentor? I have never gone looking for someone to mentor. Each of the young people I mentor showed up in my life. If you heart and mind is open to the possibility of helping others, those people will show up in your life.

You will find that as you mentor others your life is blessed and enriched in ways that you never thought possible. Be open to the possibility and the protegees will show up.

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