Networking with Whale Hunting Women

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be in a room full of amazing women.  I attended and spoke at the Whale Hunting Women Summitin Indianapolis at the beautiful Columbia Club downtown on the circle.

While the location was beautiful it was the women inside of the club that made it an amazing day.  Hearing Coach Lin Dunn of the Indiana Fever was not only inspirational but funny.  This is a tenacious forward thinking woman who is an excellent mentor for younger women.

Hearing Beverly Pitts, President of the Indianapolis University tell her story of success and Barbara Weaver Smith share with us her challenges at starting Whale Hunters all came together to create a wonderful day.

What I really enjoyed was the networking with women I have not had the opportunity to network with in the past.  Networking with so many women who had an open desire to connect, was the highlight of my day.  I love networking, I love networking with women, unfortunately it is not always possible to network  with great women.  They multi-task, balancing families and businesses. Fixing dinner and managing schedules.  Fewer women network than men, they have jobs and families.  So, the opportunity of be with successful women is one I could not pass up, and one I look forward to repeating in the future.

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