Listen, You Might Learn Something

I had the opportunity to be at a BNI networking meeting this afternoon.  Each person went around the room and did a great job asking for referrals.  They were very clear about who they wanted to be connected to and very little rambling that I often hear when I listen to people ask for referrals.  But I was appalled at how many people were talking while others were asking for referrals.  Is it that hard to listen for 30 minutes?  Have we created an entire society of people who have Attention Deficit Disorder?

Listening is key to good networking, but it seems more and more people are either distracted by their IPhones, or have something so important to say to those around them that they cannot give one moments attention to those around them.

Stop talking, start listening and you might find that you can help others or at the very least, learn something new.

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