Your Referral Dance Partner

How are referral partners similar to Dancing With The Stars? Read below to find out!

Dancing with the Stars is a very very popular TV program.  The talented dancers spend a great deal of time training their dance partners.  When one goes left the other goes right, there are dips and turns, stops and starts and all of it with the rhythm of the music in the background.

How does all of this relate to referrals, it is the same strategy.  If you are going to get valuable referrals from your referral partners it requires that you train them and train them correctly.

Back to the dancers, one is the trainer one is the student.  If the trainer is suppose to be training the student to do the Cha Cha and they teach just a few wrong step, the dance will not work

The same is true with your Referral Partners, forget to teach them your message, don’t teach them how to recognize your target market and many of the wrong steps and both of you lose.

Practice Does NOT Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

IF you are not trained, if you do not know all that you need to know about your target market, your mission statement, your benefits, have your database and many other things you must know, how are you going to train your referral partner?  How are they going to train you?

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