Take Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for yourself and for your actions?  Even if you screw up by mistake, do you take responsibility for it?  Or do you cry to everyone, get others involved in your drama, make excuses, blame others, hideout, and avoid?

Amazingly more people behave as described above than those who take full, 100% responsibility.  This is not the kind of behavior that makes for a good referral partner.  It is important that we each take 100% Responsibility for what we do, both personally and professionally.

Integrity and ethics are built upon our taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions consistently, it requires that we speak up and say what is right, and when we are wrong.  Integrity and ethics are important to the referral relationship.  If your referral partners cannot trust 100% that you will act with integrity, ethics and responsibility they are not going to refer you business.

Ask yourself, do you take 100% responsibility or do you make excuses.  Do you speak up for what is right, or do you hope others will?  Do you divide or do you unite others?

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