Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone

If you are a networker then you must read the book, Never Eat Alone.

If you have not read it, you really should.  Never Eat Alone is an excellent book for those of you who are out there business networking regularly.  Keith Ferrazzi is the consummate networker and takes mingling to a whole new level.

One the first things I put into place after reading this book is “Pinging”.  Finding ways to reach out and touch those who are in my network.  I have made it my habit to Ping my community in multiple ways. One of the ways I ping is to mail one handwritten note to someone in my business network daily.  Secondly, I make phone calls and leave messages for people in my network circle, and lastly I drop them emails with links or information that they may find valuable.

Nurturing my network this way has allowed me to build stronger relationships with them.  All to often we get busy and forget about people until we need something or we run into them somewhere.

Take a some time and read this book, and you will find a lot of great information that will help you develop a great network.

Hazel Walker, Referral Strategist

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